$5 Per Day to Build a Stockpile



She is on a roll. The Survival Mom found this thread which has been an ongoing list of how to spend $5 to stock up. She posted some of the more interesting items.

An easy way to build your stockpile is to spend $5 everyday on one of these items. If you are just getting started, a good plan for a 30 day period would be as follows. Spend the first 20 days on food such as rice, ramen noodles, sugar, etc. The next five days spend the daily cash on containers of water. The last 5 days spend on dry goods like ammo, first aid, etc. For the next cycle repeat until you have a minimum of 365 gallons of water for each member of your household. Once that happens make it 3 weeks of food followed by a week of dry goods.

After the first month we are positive that you will see an amazing difference in your preparedness and attitude. How happy would a person be if they were in the middle of the huge winter storms out east but had at least 30 days of the $5 plan completed? Only $150 and they’d have been set on riding out the logistical difficulties many are facing now.


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