Cheap and Easy Cheese Making



I just discovered Frugal Homesteads which is immediately at the top of my favorite blogs on homesteading. If you spend a couple of hours reading through every post, I’m sure you’d have 80% of the knowledge you need to set up your own homestead :) The author, Dilli, covers pretty much everything about living off the grid, and she’s psoting about her experiences living in the mountains of Georgia. Lucky!

I’ve been searching for a non-rennet cheese recipe and stumbled on this blog post from Frugal Homesteads which uses a 1/4 cup of vinegar and a gallon of milk to produce a soft, feta-style cheese. Dilli claims it can be used as is or dried and used as a Parmesan. She uses the whey as a water substitute in her bread recipes.

I’ll be making this and will make a post about it in the near future. I’ll also try using whey in my five minute bread recipes and see what happens.



Comment from Red Icculus @ 2010.02.22 - 13:12

Hilbilly Housewife has an easy yogurt cheese:

and cheese curds from powdered milk:

Comment from admin @ 2010.02.22 - 15:36

I did a test run last night with the recipe. I used 8oz of milk and 3/4 teaspoon of vinegar. The result was a tasty golf ball sized lump of white cheese. It tasted like string cheese from my youth. After reading the Hillbilly post I probably should have added more vinegar to the whey to get more curd. Tonight, I’m going to try both the instant milk and regular milk recipes on a larger scale. With a gallon of milk at $2.59 if it makes a pound of cheese per gallon, then it’s cheaper than buying cheese.

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