Cheese Making, Part 2



I finally had the time to further experiment with the cheese recipe from Frugal Homesteads. I poured a gallon of lowfat, pasteurized milk into stainless steel pot. After slowing raising the temperature to 180 degrees I poured in a quarter cup of vinegar and mixed gently. It began to curdle and I slowly added another 3/4 cup of vinegar and slowly mixed for about 5 minutes. Once it seemed no further curdling would occur, I poured the whey and curds into a large bowl that was covered by a thin cotton cloth.

Once the whey was removed strained off, what remained was about 1.5 lbs of a soft white cheese that, when salt was added, tasted like a white Mexican cheese. It more than filled a quart mason jar.




Comment from Red Icculus @ 2010.02.28 - 18:02

Does this stuff melt, or can it be combined with cream and heated to make sauce?

Comment from Red Icculus @ 2010.03.02 - 15:55

I hope it’s not bad form to answer my question. It takes a high-fat substance (butter or oil) to break apart the protein strands to create a sauce, similar to velveeta.

Regardless, it is simple and delicious in any form.

Comment from admin @ 2010.03.02 - 16:38

I’ve been a bit behind on my end, but your research correlates with my findings: this stuff won’t melt. 1 minute on high in 1250w microwave oven and all it does it pop and and crackle and it is now really chewy, almost like gum

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