Big John Lipscomb – Mountain Man Dehydrated Food Analysis



Wretha noted that Big John Lipscomb has started blogging again.

When I visited his blog, I noticed he has started selling 125lbs of dehydrated food for $825. He claims it’s “1 year of food for two people when supplemented with meat.”

I analyzed the 24 ingredients he loads into the eight, 5-gallon buckets that he sells to you and and found that you are buying only 217,238 calories. For two people to spread that over 365 days, that means each person will get only 298 calories per day.

To get my numbers, I used the calorie count and serving count for each ingredient provided by, who I believe to be his supplier, based on his use of the identical pictures and names of food from a popular web-based food supplier.

Thus, your meat supplement is going to need to be about 4 pounds of 80% ground beef for each person, each day, in order to get about 2,000 calories per day. That’s quite the supplement!


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